Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Batch 4!

Little Black Vest (LBV)

Now which one of you don't own a vest yet? OMG? You don't have one?! Well this is the time to get one! Vests are such great clothes accompaniments! It accentuates your curves yet hides all those unwanted buldges!

Size: free size
Price: RM29
Status: SOLD! to farahyma


Its Black, and Its White

Love the design on this piece. Gives a really edgy feel dont you think ;p

Material: Stretchable cotton

Size: S-M
Price: RM38
Status: Sold!

Fancy A Cup of Tea
This is piece is so girly and feminine. So perfect for a date with the boyfren :)

Size: S-M
Price: RM42
Status: SOLD!

Tie Me Upfront

Material: Silk like
Size: stretchable. So can fit a size S to a size L
Price: RM22
Status: SOLD!

*for ur reference, the model is a size S.

1 comment:

Ariana said...

my favorite is the one of long sleeves, is very romantic.

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