Friday, September 5, 2008

Dresses or Tops. You decide.

My best collection yet :)

Item #50

Size: XS to M
Brand: Treats
Condition: Used once for a PARTAY! Love it! Sadly, there wont be any partying when studying in Kedah, so... *sniff sniff. Selling it =( OH YEA! Forgot to mention that the straps can be taken away cause its only buttoned to the dress, not sewn. Hence, it can be used as a tube dress as well! (will post a picture of this next time).. Lovely ain't it ;)

Price: RM49 RM20

Status: Available


Item #51

Size: Size 0. Fits XS/S.
Brand: Rest & Relax (a top from Rest&Relax can cost up to rm300)
Condition: Excellent! Not even a stain!
Price: RM49 RM30
Status: available


Item #55

Size: Free Size
Condition: Excellent!
Price: RM37 RM15
Status: Available

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